Micallef Brand Ambassador

• No cost to become a Brand Ambassador.


• The More you support Micallef, the more Rewards.

• As an ambassador, you have a membership number that offers random surprises and rewards.

• Your Coin gets you double deals at events, and double raffle tickets, on top of bonus surprises.

• Swag surprises quarterly, and if you share your birthday, there may be a present waiting for you.

• With purchase, you will have the opportunity to get a preview or limited blend to Review.

• The more info we have, the better we can accommodate you. Shirt size, as we have cool coats, and shirts on the way.

• If we know what your cigar profile is, we can better direct and accommodate you.

• You have a Micallef Ambassador concierge to reach out for if you need anything. We want to be sure you share the entire Micallef cigar experience, and become part of our future.

• Ambassadors will have opportunities to go to our factory and make a cigar, attend big smokes.

• Our ambassadors may be part of the future ads, The Micallef experience will be the consumers future.

• Ambassadors who support their local shops will get bonus deals through their retailer, and we will support locker nights to share the Micallef experience.