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Open House 2023

  • Join us on September 16th for Micallef Cigars’ 3rd Annual Open House and celebrate Micallef Independence Day!

  • In September 2020 Micallef Cigars said NO to predatory pricing and severed ties with Cigar International and other E-commerce only cigar superstores who undercut B&Ms. Each year we mark that day and celebrate with our Ambassadors, B&M partners, and friends during our Open House event.

  • Tour the Micallef Cigars Texas headquarters, meet your fellow ambassadors, enjoy dinner from Reata Restaurant, and more.

  • Tickets include entry to the event, dinner, 2 alcoholic beverages, and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks.

  • Of course, you can smoke cigars! Please purchase your favorite smokes at your local B&M.

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