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Whether it’s fine dining and premium tobacco or melding the legacy of two great families,
when it comes to blending excellence... why break tradition?

     Micallef's regal cigar - The Reata - named after its upscale rooftop restaurant in Downtown Ft. Worth, speaks volumes at first draw. 

     This white ash burner is a full flavor, light to medium bodied cigar elegantly delivering a rounded bouquet of floral nirvana to your palate. A slow draw warms soothing oils arousing your senses with notes of fragrant vanilla and smoky oak preparing you for a perfectly balanced earthy finish.

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Strength • Mild to Medium

Format • Churchill  (48 x 7")

Wrapper:  4 year old San Andres Capa Clara

Binder:  4 Year Old Ecuadorian

Filler:  4 Year old Nicaraguan from 3 regions

Pleasure Period:  1 1/2 hours

Perfectly aged to our specifications a minimum of 1 year after roll.