Danny Viera, Inside Sales Manager & Customer Service Extraordinare

786.521.5101 Office, 954.696.3711 Cell



My name is Danny Viera. I have been an active part of the cigar industry since 2009. I have a passion for cigars and building relationships. I absolutely love what I do. My tenure with Micallef Cigars has brought me great happiness. I look forward to continuing the journey and being a substantial part of contributing to the success of the future of Micallef Cigars.


Sarah Ann Micallef

Basin and Range Province of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana



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Brandon Luna, Regional Account Manager, Southern United States

469.450.7415 Cell


@cigar_luna on Instagram

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Andy Yaffee, Micallef Cigars Regional Manager

407.579.7231 Cell


@micallef_andy on Instagram

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AnaMaria Veeser, Micallef Regional Sales Manager Florida

@AVeeser on Instagram

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Paul Magier, Micallef Regional Sales Manager

Facebook: Paul.Magier.9

Mark Silverstein, Micallef Regional Sales Manager