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If you are interested in joining the elite group of Ambassadors helping to lead our community.  Sign up below!


The Micallef Ambassador's Most Valuable Pioneers are those Ambassadors who go above and beyond for the community. There are three ways to participate; as an Evangelist, a Mentor, or Producer! All three roles are vital for the Ambassador community to continue to grow and thrive. The categories are not mutually exclusive; meaning that any ambassador can grow to be an MVP in all the categories!  Above all and in addition to their amazing community-building abilities, MVPs are always willing to help their fellow ambassadors in any way, and that's what sets them apart.

MVPs are held to a higher standard in the Ambassador community because we rely on them to set the tone for the entire community.



What is an Evangelist?


Evangelists are the Ambassadors who thrive in bringing cigar lovers into the Ambassador Community. They have a deep knowledge about the Micallef Cigars portfolio and love to share their favorite cigars with their friends. While the Ambassador community is open for everyone to join we want to be sure that those we invite that they will share our community's values and be a great addition to the Micallef Cigars family. But bringing cigar smokers to the community is just half of being an Evangelist! They are also always proactively working to grow the cigar community as a whole! The more people enjoying cigars, the stronger this industry becomes!


What is a Mentor?


Mentors are the community builders inside the Ambassador community. They always proactively welcome those new to the group and guide them in their Micallef Cigar journey. This is especially exemplified in the nurturing of newer cigar smokers. Everyone has had those same questions when starting to enjoy cigars or even diving deeper into the brand. Mentors are always answering questions and building up members in the group.


What is a Producer?


Producers are those Ambassadors who go above and beyond for creating content in the Ambassador community. These could be in the form of; personal reviews of Micallef Cigars, hosting virtual herfs, great cigar photos, and sharing stories of their cigar experiences with the Ambassadors. Producers, similar to Mentors are a driving force in promoting community within the Ambassador Program.

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