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GUIDE 1 - Welcome to the Micallef Cigars Tobacconist Program

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Welcome, Tobacconists! We are excited to tell you more about Micallef Cigars. In this guide, you'll meet our founder Al Micallef and learn about what makes Micallef different.

Why Micallef?

Learn why Micallef Cigars is a great partner to brick and mortar retailers.

Tour our Texas Headquarters and Distribution Center

The Micallef Ambassadors

The Micallef Cigars Ambassador Group began in 2019 to bring together a community of cigar enthusiasts who share an admiration for the traditions of premium hand-rolled cigars and the artisans who craft them. Membership is open to all cigar enthusiasts.

The Micallef Cigars leadership team relies on feedback from the Ambassador group to help shape company priorities, products and direction.

The Micallef Ambassador Program is open to Residents of the United States.

CLICK HERE to join

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