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GUIDE 5 - Current Promotions and Releases

Updated: Jun 12

We will keep this section up to date with information on upcoming releases, promotions and other sales information.

Fave Five

Every week Micallef Cigars will buy $300 worth of Gift Certificates from our Brick and Mortar Retail Partners as prizes.

  • Smoke any 5 Micallef Cigars blends you choose.

  • Attach the cigar rings with the blend name for your chosen Fave Five. You may choose any Five Micallef Cigar blends but you must include five different blends. Micallef Bold Cigars count towards your five blends.

  • Include Your Name and Completion Date in the space provided.

  • Submit Your Completed Fave Five card by taking a photo and emailing or posting to the Micallef Cigars Ambassador Group on Facebook and using #FaveFive.

  • Every Friday we will draw winners for $300 in Gift Certificates. $50 Gift Certificates to 5 Fave Five winners, plus each of the winners may choose a friend who will receive an additional $10 Gift Certificate. Winners may receive their Gift Certificate from the Micallef Cigars Brick and Mortar retail partner of their choosing.

  • In December, we have put all the winners back into the drawing for the Grand Prize; a trip for two to next year's Micallef Cigars Open House at our Headquarters in Texas.

  • Micallef Cigars will continue to honor Tasting Passports submitted through June 30, 2023. Winners will be paid according to payout schedule in you tasting passport.

Migdalia Special Edition

Every year on March 8, Micallef Cigars releases the Migdalia Special Edition, named after and blended by the matriarch of the Gomez-Sanchez Family, Migdalia. This cigar celebrates strong women.

Micallef A & Reata Robustos

We are releasing a new Robusto size in our popular Micalled A and Reata blends. These cigars will be released in April but are available today for pre-release events. Talk to your territory manager to learn more.

Collector's Editions

In honor of Al Micallef's 80th Birthday, Micallef Cigars released our Collectors Edition gift box experience.

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