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Two inspiring families, handcrafting inspiring cigars. Micallef Cigars is a collaboration between the family of Al Micallef, with expertise in worldwide commerce, and Gomez Sanchez, with expertise in handcrafting the finest cigar lines

in the world.  


The Gomez Family

The Gómez Sanchez tobacco family business was started back in Cuba in 1934 by Mr. Pedro F. Gómez. In 1994, Joel Gómez Sanchez, grandson of Mr. Pedro F. Gómez, followed his grandfather’s steps and continued with the family tradition in The Valles de San Andres factory in Veracruz, Mexico. The Gómez Sanchez family, three generations dedicated exclusively to the tobacco industry around the globe, takes pride and honor in the family tradition of nearly a century and brings their heritage and experience to you in every Micallef Cigar.

The Gómez Sanchez Family takes pride and honor in the family tradition of almost a century and brings their heritage to you in every Micallef Cigar.


Migdalia Sanchez, daughter-in-law of Mr. Pedro F. Gómez, was born in 1947 in Guantanamo, Cuba. At 16 years of age, she started her studies at the School of Tobacconists in Havana. When she was 17, she graduated as a tobacconist and started to work at the Partagas Factory where she stood out as one of the best cigar rollers. There she also acquired the knowledge of the industry in manufacturing and planting.

Migdalia was chosen to represent Cuba in different international expositions. Her work in different countries such as Spain, Chile, Peru, Sweden, among others was recognized in many newspapers and magazines around the world.



Mr. Pedro F. Gómez was born on San Luis Pinar del Rio, Cuba on February 10, 1923. At age 11,
he started working as an apprentice at a local factory. The following year, he moved to Havana
where he started working at Becquer in Marianao
Mr. Pedro F. Gómez died at 79 years of age in Mexico where he was still working at one of the
most prestigious factories in Mexico and the world.


She was awarded the Carlos Balinos Medal (more than 25 years in the tobacco industry in Cuba) several times as one of the best cigar rollers. She was highly recognized in Spain and served world renowned personalities until 1998 when she joined Mr. Pedro F. Gómez and Joel Gómez in Mexico in their family factory. She later went to Miami where she still contributes to the business there with her knowledge and input as well as to the factory in Nicaragua.



Edel, Joel and Mabel Gómez Sanchez, grandchildren of Mr. Pedro F. Gómez, have also dedicated their lives to the tobacco industry.

Edel Gómez Sanchez was born in 1972 in Havana, Cuba. In 1988, at just age 16, he began working as an apprentice at the Partagas factory in Havana. He later worked at H. Upmann factory as a cigar roller where he was recognized for the high quality handcrafted cigars he produced.

Edel left Cuba in 1998 and went to Miami where he joined the family business. He later went to Mexico and contributed with his knowledge in manufacturing, planting, and product finish. Together with his brother Joel, he went to Esteli, Nicaragua to their family factory where they actively participate and contribute to the development and growth of the factory.

Joel Gómez Sanchez was born in 1974 in Havana, Cuba. In 1990, when he was only 16 years old, he began working as an apprentice at the Partagas factory. In 1992, he worked at the H. Upmann factory as a cigar roller. In 1994, he left Cuba and moved to Miami. The same year he went to Mexico and joined his grandfather Pedro, who passed all his knowledge about tobacco, planting, fermentation, and production on to him. Joel stayed with his grandfather, Pedro, until the day of his death and it can be assured Joel and his brother were the only ones who received all the knowledge acquired by his grandfather over the years. 

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