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Micallef Cigars Releases "Ultimate Inventory" Program;
Providing New Revenue Opportunities for
Brick & Mortar Partners During Coronavirus Quarantine


Micallef Cigars is releasing a new program today, "Ultimate Inventory."  Providing a unique revenue opportunity to their Brick and Mortar partners during an uncertain economic time, brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. "Ultimate Inventory" allows program members to sell any box or bundle to a customer, and Micallef Cigars then drop ships the product directly. The retail partners are always able to say "Yes" to their customers without having to carry any inventory or arrange for packing and shipping.  Micallef is offering favorable payment terms and is subsidizing the shipping costs to keep costs down for stores and customers.  The Ultimate Inventory benefit is only available to brick and mortar retail partners.

Micallef Cigars published an open letter to the industry in January. In the letter, Micallef outlined a set of promises to their retail partners. Among them, a commitment to bring their partners innovative revenue models.  The invitation-only Micallef Partner Program is part of fulfilling that promise.  The program will consist of several benefits aimed to grow the Micallef Cigars and Retailer's collective partnership and profitability.

"The Micallef Partner Program deepens our business relationship with brick and mortar retailers. The first benefit we are activating today, "Ultimate Inventory," is a real win-win solution for our partners during a time of uncertainty and crisis.  We are transparent in communicating with the Premium Cigar Industry our goals and promises.  We intend to become one of the preferred manufacturers serving B&Ms with innovative solutions, quality products, and expectational value. We are here for the long run and are working hard every day to earn the trust and confidence of consumers and business partners."  Said Dan Thompson, President of Micallef Cigars.

Micallef Cigars intended to release the program with all benefits and branding assets later this year.  The current economic uncertainty brought on by COVID19 led Micallef to release the program early with "Ultimate Inventory" as the first benefit.

Al Micallef, founder of Micallef Cigars, championed the decision.  "Being a business owner is tremendous pressure; you've made commitments, you are responsible for the security and stability of your team.  I understand and feel what our brick and mortar retail partners are facing. I couldn't standby at a time like this. If we can be a small part of helping our partners survive today's challenges, you better believe we're going to do it."

The Founding Members of the Micallef Partner Program include 16 retailer partners across 14 states.


Micallef will update their website,, as new members join.

V.P. of Marketing, Amanda Micallef said, "Ultimate Inventory" is a great benefit not only for our retailers, but our Ambassadors will love it, too. Our Micallef Ambassadors are the heart of our consumer base… we will always honor them and never take them for granted. During these awkward times, we are doubling our efforts to better connect, collaborate, and provide content they will enjoy. "

Micallef Cigars is creating new content as everyone struggles with the new normal of social isolation.  Micallef Madness is a contest for all those who are disappointed they won't be filling out NCAA brackets this year.  Ambassador Round Table and Off The Record interviews will be part of the new program schedule also.  All content will be available via the private Ambassador Facebook group.  The Micallef Ambassador community is open to anyone; interested parties can learn more on the Micallef Cigars website.



Ultimate Inventory is a partner program between Micallef Cigars and some of our brick and mortar retail partners. These partners can sell any box or bundle of cigars to customers and Micallef will drop ship direct.  If you’d like to make a purchase call or email one of our members.


Outlaw Cigar MO
Over the Rhine OH
Peaceful Henry SC
Silver Leaf TX
Smokers Haven TX
The Cigar Room AL
The Humidor TN
Your Cigar Den PA

B&B Tobacconist NC
Bad Ash IL
Big Boy's Cigars TN
En Fuego Vegas NV
Executive Cigars KY
Jerry's Cigars FL
Lake Geneva Spice Company WI
Mane Street Cigars NJ 


A Cuban Experience IL
Ambassador Cigars and Spirits MI
AME Cigars TX
Backyard Cigars TX
Cigar and Smoke Shoppe ME
Crossroads IN
Davidus Cigars, MD
Jake’s Cigar Bar KY
Lake Worth Cigars TX
Northside Cigar & Tobacco IN

Olde Towne Tobacconist VA
Puro Humo Cigars CA
S&L Fine Cigars PA
Tasting Room WI
The Humidor AR
The Leaf TX
Tobacco Lane MO

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